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February 1, 2023

I’ve been photographing Lifestyle Newborn Sessions in Newburgh, IN for nearly 12 years now. While the majority of my sessions are in my Downtown Newburgh studio, lifestyle sessions have such a special place in my heart. I will outline below what makes in-home lifestyle sessions so wonderful and how to decide if this type of session is right for you!


What exactly is an In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

In-home Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are newborn sessions that take place within the first couple weeks of birth (although they can take place much later) and are done within the comfort of your own home. These sessions have very little, if any, posing involved. You are simply captured interacting with and loving on your baby. While basic direction is given, there is no formal posing of the baby and the resulting images are more of a “day in the life of” type variety.


What makes Lifestyle Newborn Sessions special?

These sessions are special because they are captured in the house that you brought your baby home to. Your images will capture the nursery you meticulously designed for your baby. They will showcase you as parents more than just baby alone. They fully capture this new season of life for you and your family. While Studio Newborn Sessions also have photos with mom and dad, those sessions focus more on baby alone. They are posed and more formal than lifestyle images. Lifestyle Sessions allow you to more accurately showcase your style and vibe because the environment is yours.


What are the benefits of doing an In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session?

There are pros and cons to every type of session. I’ve listed some of the biggest benefits of an In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session below.

  • You can showcase the house where you brought your baby home. You can capture the nursery, the season of life and the little details that might otherwise not be captured. Trust me when I tell you that you will want photos in the future to remember this season of life. You think you will never forget, but I PROMISE you will. When you look back at these photos, you will be transported back to this fleeting time in your life.
  • You can include your pets in these sessions. If you have a beloved family pet, he/she can be involved in the session.
  • You don’t have to leave your home. The photographer comes to you!
  • There is no posing. This is a pro to some and a con to others. But if you don’t like posing, this can be a good alternative.
  • You don’t have to remember to bring anything.



What are the drawbacks to doing an In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session?

  • You will be having someone into your home and you may feel like you have to clean your house. Or you may feel like your home is not “photo worthy”. While you do NOT have to clean your home (we can move whatever we need to), I know the feeling you get when having people to your home – you instinctively feel like you need to clean it to make it presentable. Not all homes are naturally photogenic, but as long as you have a window we can make magic!
  • You are going to be in the majority of the photos and won’t have nearly as many of baby alone. If you’re looking for posed photos of your baby, a studio session is a better alternative for you.
  • Your home will set the tone. If your home is darker and moodier in terms of lighting, your images will be darker and moodier. If your home is bright, white and airy, your images will reflect that. While either type of home can photograph beautifully, I can’t make a dark, moody home look light, bright and airy. It’s just physically not possible.
  • There are no props. Again, if you’re wanting photos of baby in props, a studio session is the way to go!
  • With a Studio Session everything is provided and prepped for you. You simply arrive and the photographer does the rest. In-home sessions require you to do a bit more and participate more.



So there you have it! In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are a great option for newborn photos! There is no wrong or right way to go when it comes to newborn photos. It is just a matter of what you want your gallery of images to look like. If you’re still on the fence, reach out to your photographer and discuss with her your thoughts. Send her photos of the rooms in your home and she can better assist you in making that decision!


If you’re wanting to book a session, please email me at or use the contact page up top. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. It is best to book your session several months in advance (as spots fill very quickly).

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