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Let me tell you a story. Ten years ago I was working full-time from home, had just had my first child & decided I was finally going to create a business out of my photography passion. Those 10 years looked like this:

- worked full-time from home + running Exhale for 5 years
- had 4 kids in those 5 years
- had all 4 kids home with me for 9 years 
- spent well over $100,000 in education + equipment
- lost hundreds of precious hours with my family 

 I've made so many mistakes. I invested in workshops & courses trying to find a way to run my business in a way that worked for me. 

THAT is why I went into education. THAT is why I am so passionate about helping other women grow their businesses. Most photographers are mothers & work other jobs. You don't have time to waste on education that doesn't move the needle for your business. I refuse to let another woman waste so much money & lose so much time with their family when I know there is an easier way! 

In the coming weeks I will be launching an all-in-one resource for newborn photographers that is guaranteed to take your business to the next level! Be sure to join the email list so you don't miss a thing!

i’m katie. newborn photographer turned educator + business coach

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