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April 26, 2020

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I knew when I began really trying to grow Exhale that I didn’t want this to be a shoot and deliver business. I wanted to get to know my clients and I wanted to connect with them. I did not want my clients to walk into my studio feeling super uncomfortable, spend an hour or more with me where there was forced conversation and then say goodbye and the only other contact they have with me is an email saying their photos are done. I just didn’t want that.

For one, if my clients are uncomfortable with me, they’re going to look super uncomfortable in their photos. They also are going to be miserable the entire time their with me. That is no bueno for anyone.

Secondly, new motherhood and motherhood in general is HARD. It is complicated, ever-evolving and often lonely. I want all my mamas to feel like they can reach out to me – be it Instagram, email, text, whatever – and ask me anything (photography or nonphotography-related.) I’d like to think I have that level of comfort with most my mamas. Most of the women I work with are around the same age as me – give or take some years. We are all going through similar life events and I think it’s so important to have people you can talk to and connect with.

This mama was one of those mamas that I just connected instantly with. We had so many friends/acquaintances in common and we had so many similar interests. Spending the 3-4 hours with Lacey was like hanging out with an old friend. I loved getting to hear all about her pregnancy and delivery, but also about her life and her interests. The same goes for her husband. He was the absolute nicest guy and I had so much fun talking basketball with and getting to know him. It was such an enjoyable morning.

I am so thankful that I decided long ago to make Exhale more than a business about making money, and more of a business about building relationships. These relationships are what keep me coming back to the studio (and random fields) every day.

Take a peek inside their sweet Demi’s newborn shoot!


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