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April 22, 2020

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Quarantine in Photos

When the quarantine started I decided I was going to take loads of photographs of my family and really capture how we spent this strange period. It was obvious this was something huge – after all, they closed schools, restaurants and stores, and told us not to leave our houses unless necessary. It was evident that this was going to be an important part of our country’s history. Our grandchildren would read about this time period in history books one day. So I wanted to document it.

Clearly the media had already handled covering the negative aspects of this pandemic. You need only look at the lead story on Yahoo.com every day to know that there are a lot of terrible things happening in our country right now due to the virus. I knew there would be plenty of photos of the negative circumstances taken during this time. I wanted to take photos of the other side of the pandemic – the very small, but positive side. I wanted to take photos that showed some of the good of the quarantine. I wanted to capture the fun and games. The family time. The joy that it provided for kids who otherwise wouldn’t be spending time home with their parents. I didn’t take these photos for a history text book or any famous publication, I took them so I could create photo books for my kids so that they can have these books to remember this time. So that they could one day pull out their photo book with their grandchildren and tell them all about the COVID-19 pandemic and what it looked like to experience it as a kid.

I’m so grateful to not only get to have photos of my own kids (finally) but to be able to create a little keepsake for them.

Here are just a few of the photos that I’ve taken during this strange time in our nation’s history.



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