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April 9, 2019

You just walked out of your six-week postpartum appointment and got the all-clear for physical activity. You’re anxious to get started on your post-baby body, but more than that, you’re ready to get a good workout in to put some of that new mom anxiety at bay. There is nothing quite like those post-workout endorphins to get you in the right mindset.

There is one problem, though. You have a six-week-old baby and you’re not comfortable bringing your little one to a busy gym and you have no one else to watch her. No fear mama! I have a list of 5 of the best home workout programs for you! They’re not only super effective, but they can all be done at home and require very little equipment. Even better, some of them are free!

I have personally tried every single one of these workout programs and loved them! Some of them even gave me a better body than before baby! So check them out and give them a try and be sure to report back and let me know what your favorites were and any that I missed!


Popsugar Fitness is one of my absolute favorite places for workouts! They offer hundreds of FREE workout videos of all different varieties. You can do cardio one day, weight training another and yet HIIT (my personal favorite) another. You will never get bored. Their workouts range from 5 minutes – 60 minutes. So there is a workout for you no matter how much time you have to devote to getting your sweat on.

Popsugar Fitness brings in professional trainers from all backgrounds and specialties to do unique workout routines and posts these new routines weekly. They are super easy to follow along with and require little to not equipment.

I personally like to watch a video as opposed to having a written workout, but they offer those, as well!

Be sure to check out the workouts by Jeanette Jenkins and Kit Rich! They’re my absolute favorite instructors and have the most intense, effective workouts!


2. BOOTHCAMP by Shawn Booth

Where are all my Bachelor Nation fans at? Do you remember Shawn Booth from Kaitlyn’s season of the Bachelorette? He is a gym owner and trainer in Nashville, TN and he has recently released a workout app that has an amazing workout program.

This program is $12.99 a month and is like having your own personal trainer handing you a different workout every day. Boothcamp incorporates strength training and HIIT routines to create the ultimate fitness regimen. Each day focuses on a different body part – Leg Blast, Glute Gains, HIIT Shredder, etc.

During each workout you have different sets and Shawn demos each move as you go through the routine. Once you’ve completed the exercise you click next and he walks you through the next exercise.

I loved the strength I gained by doing Boothcamp! I noticed a visible difference in my muscle tone and I loved that every day was different so I never got bored.


3. BEACHBODY on Demand

Beachbody on Demand is an online program that gives you access to dozens of different workout programs. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get shredded or incorporate yoga into your life, Beachbody On Demand has it.

These workouts require very little, if any, equipment and are tailored to any fitness level. You simply login to your Beachbody account and select the program you want to do and start your video. It’s very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re looking for an intense workout, Beachbody will give you what you need. I personally loved 21 Day Fix Extreme, LIIFT4 and T25. They were each very challenging but super effective. It was a great program for $99/year and you can do a free trial to see if you like it! I should note, also, that I did not do any of the diets/nutrition plans Beachbody offers. I simply did the workouts.



Pure Barre On Demand is exactly what the name says – it’s Pure Barre from anywhere. Pure Barre is an extremely popular full-body workout that lifts, tightens and tones. It is a great alternative to high-impact exercises and perfect for new and expecting moms.

I will be the first to tell you that I thought Pure Barre was going to be easy. It’s small, micro-movements and holds – how hard could it be? I was so wrong. This workout burns like no other and is super effective at toning. For $29.99/month, it is a great choice for the mama who wants a lower intensity (not easier!) full-body burner that she can do from anywhere. This is also the perfect quiet naptime workout.



Fitnessblender is another free workout resource that I swear by. Fitnessblender is a husband and wife team that have 100s of workout videos of all varieties available for free. They have workouts for every fitness level and every variety. From strength training to HITT to kickboxing, Pilates and Yoga, they’ve got you covered. Their 1,000 calorie workouts are extra brutal and give you an incredible workout.

I came across Fitnessblender on Youtube when I was looking for a way to change up my fitness routine. I was sick of running on my treadmill every day and wanted to tone up. I saw a huge difference in my appearance after a month of these workouts. I personally loved this resource because I never got bored, there was always another workout to try.


So there you have it! These are five of my favorite workout programs that can be done completely at home! Give them a try and see how you like them! I know motherhood is hard and you are limited on time. You don’t have to leave your home or find childcare for any of these workouts. They can be done at home in your garage (that’s what I do), family room or basement. Exercise is such an incredible way to beat those baby blues and the perfect way to invest a little bit into yourself each day.

Go get your sweat on and report back with your favorites! Be sure to comment below with your favorite at-home workouts that I missed!! I love trying something new!


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