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March 6, 2019

A Letter to a Working Mom

Dear Working Mom,

I see all you do! You are forced to be away from your new baby just weeks after giving birth. You’re forced to hand your baby to another person to care for him/her just as you would so that you can go back to work to provide for your family. I see you and I know what an incredible sacrifice that is.

I know that you miss many of those firsts – the first laugh, the first steps, the first words. You receive videos of said firsts, but you’re not able to be there in person. You also miss out on all the little things like naps, snuggles and playtime. They are small things, but things that mean so much to us mamas. You sacrifice all those things so that you can provide a better life for your child. It’s such an incredible sacrifice and I admire you for it.

Working mom, you come home from work after a long 8-hour day and you have to make dinner and do the daily minutiae that adult life requires and you get only a couple hours in the evening with your child before he has to go to bed. You savor those two hours, but it’s simply not enough and there is so much packed into those couple hours that you don’t feel like it’s quality time. I understand that and I hate that for you. I know it hurts and it’s hard and I just hate it for you.

You miss out on the school field trips and class programs. You can’t simply up and leave work for an hour in the middle of the day. I know you feel guilty and like your kid is the only one without a parent, but she’s not and you shouldn’t feel guilty. You are teaching your child how to work and how to work hard. In not being there you are teaching her that you sometimes have to make sacrifices in order to provide a wonderful life for your family.

You’re exhausted. You’re up at the crack of dawn scrambling to get all the things done before you step out the door to get the kids to daycare or school and then you work an 8-hour day and come home to homework and dinner and baths and bedtime and you’re just tired. You’re utterly exhausted. You would kill for a nap. I see you and lift my cup of caffeine to you my friend – sometimes caffeine is the only thing that gets us through. Just remember, it won’t be like this forever and that it’s for the greater good.

You feel like you’re failing at both work and motherhood. When you’re at work you feel like a bad mom and when you’re with your kids you feel like you’re not giving enough to work. Know that you’re more than enough. Know that your kids are learning from you and that they admire you and look up to you. Know that you’re killing it at your job. You see all the flaws in what you do, others see all the amazing successes you have.

Working mama, I see you and I admire you for all you sacrifice. I admire your determination and work ethic and I think you’re incredible.


The Stay-at-Home-Mama

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    I don’t know what I love more- your words or this gorgeous session!!!

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