April 11, 2018

Dykstra Family | Evansville, IN Family Photographer

I am a strong believer in the fact that God puts people in our lives for different reasons and that each of those people plays a part in our story. This mama right here has inspired me for nearly 10 years and yet I just met her for the first time in person three weeks ago.

You see, MaKenzie lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is not from my hometown. She isn’t someone I met when I lived up in Minnesota. In fact, we don’t even have mutual friends. MaKenzie and I met ten years ago because we used the same wedding photographer. We were married two weeks apart and we both had hired Megan W Photography to photograph our weddings. If you haven’t heard of Megan W Photography, you HAVE TO go check out her work. She is amazing and her work is breathtaking.

We connected all those years ago online and have stayed in touch over the past ten years. Through many jobs changes, a state change and nine children between the two of us, we have stayed in touch. I have admired her ability to juggle motherhood (five girls in less than five years), run multiple small businesses and keep up her unshakable faith. She is funny, sweet, compassionate and an extreme hustler.

Her husband, Ross, is an amazing father (FIVE daughters…he qualifies for sainthood), hardworking business owner and a man of faith.

Ross and MaKenzie took a giant leap of father not long ago and started their own construction company, Five Daughters Construction. What started as renovating their first home, an early 1920’s oversized cape cod, turned into a business that allows them to build and renovate other families’ homes. They have only been in business a short time, but, due to their phenomenal style, top notch quality and a brand so genuine it appeals to all, they have seen great success.

Watching their growth and success has been such a joy to see. The road to Five Daughters Construction was not an easy one. It took a great deal of faith, trusting that God would provide, to get to this point.

When I found out I was going to be in the Cincinnati area for a newborn session (all by myself and with none of my family), I knew it was time to meet this amazing mama in person. I reached out to MaKenzie letting her know I would be in town and made it a date!

The second I walked into their home I felt like I had known her for years. She welcomed me with a giant hug and we chatted for hours. I was able to grab some photographs of her precious family and their beautiful home. I left feeling so grateful that we connected all those years ago. It’s crazy to me how people come into our lives and how each leaves an imprint in some way.

What’s the craziest way you’ve met a friend? I’d love to hear!

Take a peek at this beautiful family and their stunning home.


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