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February 4, 2018

I was driving down the road the other day and a song came on the radio. I didn’t particularly love the song and was about to change it when I started to notice the lyrics. It was talking about all the moments in life where you want “just five more minutes.” It tells of childhood and wanting just five more minute to play before coming inside for dinner. It speaks of that last high school game – the last time you ever set foot on the field/court and realizing that the next you walked into that gym you’d be buying a ticket. How you want just five more minutes to live that season of life. It goes on to tell of those five more minutes you beg for when you are saying goodbye to a grandparent for the very last time.

It got me thinking about my life and my experiences and the times I would have given just about anything for just five more minutes. My wedding day. What I would have given to make that day last longer. Saying goodbye to my grandparents. I’d have traded anything for five more minutes with them. And the births of my children. I can remember sitting in the hospital after having my fourth baby and waiting to be discharged and praying that they wouldn’t come. That they wouldn’t let me leave. Walking out of that hospital I knew I would never be back in the L&D wing giving birth to another miracle. I wanted five more minutes – heck, I wanted five more days.

Thinking about those moments, especially those extras minutes I would have given to be with my baby at the hospital, made me realize that so many of the clients I work with are likely feeling the same thing. They are wanting these days to go back so slowly. They are wanting to remember every single sound, movement and expression. They are wanting to see it, remember it and treasure it forever. Babies grow and life goes on and we don’t get those five more minutes. I feel blessed beyond measure that God has given me the gift to document these families at these incredibly important times. I feel lucky that I can create something that allows parents to look back and remember these times. I may not be able to give them those five more minutes, but I CAN give them something that will bring them back to one of the happiest times of their life.

This beautiful trio allowed me to create their “five more minutes.” I had never met them before their session and I was anxious – as I always am when a new client is coming in. That anxiousness evaporated the second they walked through the door. I spent several hours working with their beautiful LylaRose and getting to know them. They are pure gold, these two. I left their session telling my husband how lucky I feel to have such incredible clients like them. I had a session the day before with new clients that was so incredible and then followed that up with this amazing family. It was THE perfect way to start a new year of business.

Take a peek into LylaRose’s session and the images that may just give her parents “five more minutes.”


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