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December 16, 2017

I used to pride myself on being incredibly organized. I had everything in it’s place. I was a perfectionist in the true sense of the word. Four kids later and that perfectionism went out the window with sleeping, free time and peeing alone. Where I used to be a “dress my kids perfect” or “arrive five minutes early” type person, now I’m more of a “at least they have clothes on” or “get there semi-close to on time” type gal. I’ve accepted that the perfectionism is going to have to take a vacation until my kids are a bit older and I’m slowly becoming ok with it.

One time a year, though, one time, I am on my game and get the job done early. That one time of year is Christmas cards. Christmas is my jam. It’s my favorite holiday and I love just about everything about it. It’s pure bliss for me. Growing up Christmas meant lots of family time, yummy food, beautiful decor and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. We watched that movie 3-4 times a year, every year, and it never got old. Now that I have my own children I watch it with them and and am instilling that same Christmas Vacation appreciation.

I design and create our Christmas card early every year so that our recipients receive the card the day after Thanksgiving. My husband and I choose a scene from the movie and then recreate it with our children. This card is a bit hard for me because, as a photographer, I want all my images to be as perfect as possible (that perfectionism I was speaking of before), but with these shots they are typically horribly lit, terribly posed and tackily put together. But, I think that kind of makes them perfect. Additionally, these cards go out to all our family members and friends and that includes some members of the elder generation who may not quite understand the humor. We have, in the past, had to mail a copy of the movie to family members just so they didn’t think we were nuts.

Starting with my first son’s first Christmas, we began this tradition. Seven years later and we’re still making the cards and the kids are still enthusiastically participating. I can’t help but wonder when they’ll tell us enough is enough. Until then we will continue making our family and friends laugh at our antics.

Here’s a look at the series to date. It should be noted, the other side of our card has an actual decent photo of our family or at least the kids.











2016 – My very favorite. I love this one because Jack was so willing. We dressed him up like this, handed him the can and cigar and told him to stand outside like this and he did it so happily. In fact, he was upset to take the getup off after.




Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


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